The conference proceedings will be published both electronically and in print form, though the latter will only be available upon request. The proceedings will be published by the Organizers with the support of ISSMGE.

Our primary goal is to have an open access publication, which meets the high scientific standards of any major scientific journal. We strive to have the papers indexed by Scopus and made available freely online through ISSMGE Library.


Abstracts may be submitted in any of the main conference themes. A full list of all sub-topics can be found under Themes. Submitted abstracts will be later assigned to specific sub-topics.

Conference themes

  • Equipment, Measuring Techniques, Sampling
  • Mechanical Testing (CPT, SPT, DMT, PMT, VST, PLT)
  • Geophysics in Geotechnical Engineering
  • Site Characterization, Case Studies, Uncertainties
  • In Situ Testing and Numerical Modelling
  • Engineering Applications
  • Problematic Soils (e.g. gravels, volcanics, expansive, sensitive, intermediate, mine tailings)
  • Education


Abstract submission is now open, and will be availbable until March 31, 2019 through ISSMGEs conference review platform. For more information on abstract requirements and submission, please click here.

Authors can apply for the Silvio Marchetti Award if their paper meets the requirements. For more information, click here.