The Conference is being organized by the Hungarian Geotechnical Society with the help of Tensi Congress.  The core organizing team is made up of HGS members, who manage the day-to-day activites. Their work is supported by the members of the Local and International Advisory Committes, who provide vital feedback on the scientific aspects of the organizing work.


Organizing Committee

  • Tamás Huszák - Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Emőke Imre - University of Óbuda
  • Edina Koch - Széchenyi University of Győr
  • András Mahler - Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Local Advisory Committee

  • Erzsébet Győri
  • Tibor Horváth
  • József Pusztai
  • László Szalay
  • Róbert Szepesházi
  • Ákos Török
  • Endre Tőrös
  • Prónay Zsolt


International Advisory Committee

  • Dietmar Adam
  • Roger Frank
  • Janko Logar
  • Jasen Dejong
  • Paul W. Mayne
  • Paola Monaco
  • Richard P. Ray
  • Helmut F. Schweiger
  • Kenneth Stokoe
  • António Viana Da Fonseca
  • Peter K. Robertson