The Conference is being organized by the Hungarian Geotechnical Society with the help of Tensi Tours Ltd.  The core organizing team is made up of HGS members, who manage the day-to-day activites. Their work is supported by the members of the Local and International Advisory Committes, who provide vital feedback on the scientific aspects of the organizing work.


Organizing Committee

  • Tamás Huszák
  • Emőke Imre
  • Edina Koch
  • András Mahler


Local Advisory Committee

  • Erzsébet Győri
  • Tibor Horváth
  • József Pusztai
  • László Szalay
  • Róbert Szepesházi
  • Ákos Török
  • Endre Tőrös
  • Prónay Zsolt


International Advisory Committee

  • Dietmar Adam
  • Roger Frank
  • Janko Logar
  • Jasen Dejong
  • Paul W. Mayne
  • Paola Monaco
  • Richard P. Ray
  • Helmut F. Schweiger
  • Kenneth Stokoe
  • António Viana Da Fonseca
  • Peter K. Robertson